6 chemical enterprise sewage into the Yangtze River punished 160 million, highest-compensation

2014-12-31 09:55

Published: 2014-12-31 Source: Beijing News

Yesterday, the amount of compensation due to hit most of the country's Jiangsu Taixing "12 * 19" environmental public interest litigation upheld the sentence, Jiangsu Provincial High Court upheld the verdict, six companies for compensation of 1.6 million yuan.

Hazardous chemical waste flows into the Yangtze River

Between January 2012 to February 2013, Jiangsu Changlong Agrochemical Co., Ltd. and other six companies engaged in Taixing Economic Development Zone, chemical products, will provide no disposal of hazardous waste to qualified four companies, resulting in more than twenty thousand tons hazardous wastes are sneaking into rivers and into the Yangtze River.

After exposure, the 14 suspects were sentenced to environmental crime.

Taizhou City Environment Federation as a civil plaintiff public interest litigation, Taizhou City People's Procuratorate, as pro-prosecution authorities to the six companies sued in the Court of Taizhou.

September 10 this year, Taizhou City Court held a public hearing the case, the court ruling six environmental remediation company to compensate the cost of a total of RMB 160 million yuan, Taixing region for environmental remediation.