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Bepotastine besilate

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Name                             Bepotastine besilate  

Molecular Formula      C21H25ClN2O3.C6H6O3S  

Molecular Weight         547.07  

CAS Registry Number      190786-44-8  

Appearance    Light-yellow to white crystalline powder  

Melting Point    157°C~163°C  

Specific Rotation(on dried basis, 5% solution in methanol)   +4.0°~+7.0°  

Total impurities: ≤1.0%

Single impurity: ≤0.5%  

Optical isomer≤0.5%  

Loss on Drying≤1.0%    

Residue on Ignition≤0.1%  

Heavy Metal≤20ppm  


For the treatment of allergic rhinitis.

Also used for eye drops production.