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Clemastine Fumarate

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Name                              Clemastine fumarate  

Molecular Formula       C21H26ClNO.C4H4O4  

Molecular Weight          459.97  

CAS Registry Number       14976-57-9  

EINECS       239-055-2  

White or off-white crystalline powder;

Clarity and color of solution   Test solution is colorless or not more intensely colored than Color matching fluid  

Melting Point   140~145℃  

Identification   Infrared AbsorptionTLC  

Specific rotation   [α]D20 +15°~+18 °(c = 1 in methanol)  

PH   3.2~4.2  

Loss on drying   ≤0.5%  

Heavy Metal   ≤20ppm  

Individual impurity≤ 0.5%

Total Impurities ≤1.0%  

Residual solvents   500ppm(Ethanol)  

Assay(dried base)   98.0%~102.0%  

Stability data is available.

Second generation H1 receptor antagonists