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Name                            Actinomycin D  

Molecular Formula      C62H86N12O16  

Molecular Weight        1255.43  

CAS Registry Number      50-76-0  

EINECS      200-063-6  

Melting point      241-243 ºC  

Water solubility      SOLUBLE  

MSDS      Available  

Appearance    Bright red crystal or powder, odorless  

Melt point    243 - -248℃  

Residual on ignition   ≤0.1%  

Loss on drying   ≤5.0%  

Heavy metals    ≤10ppm  

Aerobic bacteria    ≤500cfu/g(total plate count)  

Molds and eats   ≤100cfu/g(total plate count)  

Pseudomonas aeruginosa /presence   none detected in 1g  

Staphylococcus aureus /presence   none detected in 1g  

Escherichia coli /presence    none detected in 1g  

Salmonella spp /presence   none detected in 1g  

Assay   ≥97.0%  

With the production of melanin culture filtrate of Streptomyces as raw material, after extraction, acidic alumina column chromatography, vacuum concentration, petroleum ether recrystallization prepared.

Interferon inducer, clinically used antitumor drugs.