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Edible Gelatin and Medical Gelatin

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Gelatin;Gelatin, granular;HSA Minispheres;Edible gelatin;Gelatins;Gelatin AP-270;GELATIN, POWDER FROM FISH SKIN;Gelatin, for analysis, granular;Gelatin, granular, for analysis;Gelatine;Guanidine sulfate;Puragel;beMatrix™ gelatin LS-W;beMatrix™ gelatin LS-H;Teleostean gelatin;Gelatin for Capsules

Jelly strength: 260±10
Viscosity Mpascal: 4.5-6.0
Viscosity Engler: 13-22
Viscosity Breakdown: ≤6%
Insoluble particles:≥78%

Gelatin is a key ingredient in many foods and medicines, including jellies, sauces, desserts, capsules, tablets and blood substitutes. Usually, most gelatin products are made from pig skin.