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Tacrolimus Monohydrate

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Name                            Tacrolimus monohydrate

Molecular Formula      C44H69NO12.H2O  

Molecular Weight         822.03  

CAS Registry Number      109581-93-3  

Transport Information      UN 2811  

MSDS      Available  

appearance   A white crystalline powder    

Identification   Retention time of major peak of Assay preparation corresponds to that of the chromatogram of the Standard preparation obtained as directed in the Assay  

[α] D23,.in chloroform   -75.0 º - 90.0 º  

Loss on Drying   ≤3.0%  

Related substance    ≤2.0%  

Heavy Metals   ≤10ppm  

Residue on ignition    ≤0.1%  

Assay (HPLC)   ≥98.0%  

immunosuppressive drug;Macrolides Antibiotics